Sunday, March 1, 2009


oLa~ everyone..

i have noo idea why i am starting this..( again.. i have one in friendster.. dunno what's happened to that one..) maybe because it seems quite interesting and i feel like sharing... but for now.. i just want to say i miss all of my friends.. TEYLIANZ especially... i am still adapting in this newe phase where my closes friends are a thousand miles away.. and the nearer one seems even further... owh.. and i want to ask.. is everyone as busy as i am at school.. tons of work.. tons of things to do.. and no time to do it? and the others are not making it easier? do share.. i'd love to know...


  1. update2!


  2. Hmmm..
    well, kami yg jauh2 pon windu sama kau...

    yeah, fieza dah ada blog seniri..