Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June is the month.. =p

Uh-oh its been a while..
I looooooooooooove June 2009...
Its true what they say.. Family.. does not mean you have to have blood ties.. June makes me happy just because i got to meet up with my extended family.. =)

June is cool because...

*I saw Tina, her hubby to be ( they're getting married september (^.^)v ) and ayu in Kuala

*I drove from KL to Penang with Aizu =)

*I then meet up with Darna, Nanad, Stella, Matno, Jannah and Jehan in Penang.. cant
remember what we did.. just ate a lot mostly and took a bunch of pics.. =p

*Went to Chetah's wedding! yesh2.. chetah is married.. =) wish u all the besh bebeh!

* Visited Emyyyyyyyyyy and Haslam in Johor.. in their nu home.. huhu~ it's true.. i went to
Johor.. =p

* Saw diana n her Hubby to be too while i was in Johor.. ;p

and i could not have gone from north to south in June without this one speacial person.. =)


  1. lama gila tak update cik fizaaa aikkk

  2. with that special person... hmm... hmmm... and hmm...

    anyway, i was so excited to meet you too babe.. hope we can meet up again.. miss you so much now..

    p/s- mata aku masih rival dgn mata ang.. takde tandingan la mata-mata kita.. hahaha..

    p/s2- you have always travelled without the special person.. hahaha.. jgn marah!

  3. huhu~ byk pgi jalan2 la incik fadhlah.. =p
    and matno.. =) mata kita sama ka? hehe.. and travelling with a companion is wayyyy more satisfying.. ;p

  4. meh la jalan2 kat melaka n kedah plak..mana tau jumpa bila n hubby gak,hehehe...tina kawen brapa hr bulan?nk p kalau still ada kat semenanjung....

  5. ayat last tue sebenarnya jadi focus point kan?hehe