Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Back!

Its been a while.. like 2 years maybe..?? and in these years u bet I had lots and lots of food laugh and love! mostly food.. and lotsa love too~ :) :)
haha.. I don't know why.. all of a sudden.. I feel like updating.. or maybe just writing.. I have not written in such a long time.. or maybe I'm just plain bored and have nothing else to do at the moment.. Anyway.. my last post was on how great June 2009.. yes 2009! was.. well.. it's now 2011.. December 2011.. haha.. so so so so much has happened.. Where do I start? Lemmi see.. owh yes.. I am now married.. no longer single and available.. married now.. what is it like? owh I dunno.. Great?! hehe.. and I guess many would have guess I married that special someone.. yes I did.. :) and I am so happy that I did.. What else is new within these loong period in which I have not written here.. Oh yes.. I got me self a baby.. yep.. a super cute baby girl.. Zara Sofea.. lovely2 little sweetheart.. :) she's now 5 months plus.. almost 6... Well those are the major things that have happened.. planning to go to Penang this week.. hopefully I'll be able to meet up with all my friends who I have not seen for years! yes.. last time i saw many of them was infact in June 2009.. haih.. when u think about it.. time does fly.. well.. will write again.. dunno when though.. dont wait for my next post.. :p

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